Who won BBN 2018 Competition? See List of Winners

Who won the BBN 2018 competition?  This is a question that would soon be trailing as viewers of the show worldwide would like to know who goes home with 45 million naira. Well,  we shall definitely know the winner before the end of today as fans have voted for their favorite housemates. 

Who do you think would win?  We currently have Alex, Miracle,  Tobi, Cece, and Nina. Last week celebrities posted on their walls and pleaded for support from their fans to vote for their most preferred housemates. As the rule of the game states,  only the housemate with the highest vote would win.

Over the weeks we already know that Miracle, Nina and Cece have great fans who have voted and kept them in the house. But the main thing now is, whose fans would do better this final week?  Would it be Alex, Tobi, Miracle, Cece or Nina’s fans?

Well, we are glad to announce that Miracle won the 25 million naira and other cash prizes. It was a very happy moment as his friends hugged and kissed him. Just like biggie said, there can only be ONE winner while the rest of the contestants shall get their rewards in Heaven. We wish them the best.