TSTV Africa Recruitment – Public Notice

We are pleased to inform the general public that there TSTV Africa is currently not recruiting we will bring a general notice as as regards to our recruitment. There have been lots of information circulated via social media concerning tstv but we urge the public to ignore such and make sure they visit this blog for latest job openings .

At this very moment, the attention of our company in Africa has been drawn to an online publication about an ongoing recruitment exercise purportedly carried out by the organization.

Please the management is doing this for the purposes of emphasis and clarity, that the TStv Africa has not currently authorized any recruitment exercise as being published in these social medias.

Also be informed that prior to the official recruitment date the company will publish an official announcement which will be made public on our official website, the kepvine blog and many other social media handles.

The TStv Africa is also delighted to inform the general public that the current  delay in the commencement of the commercial sale of TStv Africa decoder is as a result of alarming complaints of non availability of dealer and retailer outlets.  Please note that currently in some certain areas dealers who are still in the process of accreditation, pleaded to get accredited before product sale commencement so as to have control over the product.

For further information, follow us on www.www.tstvafrica.com

TSTV Decoder Vouchers

The decoder set is 5000 Naira only Subscription are as follow;200,500,750,1000,1500 and 3000.

This is currently the main reason why TStv Africa wants everyone to start the sales the same time, so no person can say it’s non availability that led to increase of the product cost.

The TStv once again, appreciates all Nigerians for their unprecedented love, support and goodwill.

TStv Africa…We are connecting your world!