NYSC Batch A 2018 Mobilization Timetable

Have you been expecting the NYSC Batch A 2018 Mobilization Timetable ? Do you wish to know when Nysc call up letter will be out?  Do you want to know if you are scheduled for Nysc stream 1 or 2 ? Then keep reading this post.

The staff and management of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) has officially released date of registration for 2018 Batch A, stream 1 and 2 Corps members.

This information was seen on the recently updated NYSC Batch A 2018 Mobilization Timetable for  corps members. Accordingly to the time table, online registration will commence on 26 March, 2018.

Kepvine Blog  has provided her wonderful readers with NYSC Mobilization Time-Table For 2018 Batch A corps members as posted on the NYSC official portal below:

NYSC Mobilization Time-Table For 2018 Batch A

Dates of Events
1. 2018 Batch ‘A’ Pre-Mobilization Workshop 5th – 9th March 2018
2.Proper briefing/Sensitization of Final year students/prospective corps Members. 5th March – 16th April 2018
3. Full display of list of all approved programmes for institutions on NYSC portal for cross checking and feedback 9th – 13th March 2018
4.Proper collation of Prospective Corps Members’ Data by Corps Producing Institutions CPIs – 9th – 13th March 2018
5.All Submission/Uploading of Senate/Academic Board Approved Results for Full/Part-Time Graduates and Revalidation Lists by CPIs 19th – 24th March 2018

6. On-line Registration by Foreign and locally Trained Nigerian Graduates 26th March – 8th April 2018

.7. Deployment and Printing of Call-up Letters by ICT Department 9th – 11th April, 2018
8. Notification/On-line Printing of Call-up Letters/Delivery of Call-up letters to Institutions (stream I) 12th – 15th April, 2018
9. On-line Printing of Deployment Disposition by Corps Producing Institutions (CPIs) 12th – 16th April, 2018
10. 2018 Batch ‘A’ Orientation Course 19th April – 9th May 2018.

11.2018 Batch ‘B’ Orientation Course 24th July -13th August, 2018.

12.2018 Batch ‘C’ Orientation Course 20th November – 10th December, 2018.

1. 2017 Batch A stream 1 winding up/passing out ceremony 3rd May, 2018

2. 2017 Batch A Stream 2 winding/ passing out ceremony 5th June, 2018

3. 2017 Batch B stream 1 winding/ passing out ceremony 19th November, 2018.

Good Luck!!!

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