NYSC 2018 Batch A Stream II Printing of Call Up Letter

We are delighted to inform the general public that the staff and management NYSC has officially set up a date for the 2018 Batch ‘A’ Stream II Printing of Call Up Letters

Please be informed that the printing of Call Up Letters will start immediately the online registration ends. Also note that immediately the online registration ends then NYSC will officially announce the date for printing call up letters. This call up letters will contain the particular state you were posted to and the stream in which you fall in and the exact date you are to report to the orientation camp.

Here Are Some Common Term In NYSC

1. State Coordinator: This is person is the head of NYSC in a particular state. He/she runs the entire affairs of NYSC in that state.

2. Zonal Inspector (ZI): He/she is charged with the responsible for the corp members posted to his/her zone.

3. Local Government Inspector (LI): He/she is in full charge and control of the corp members posted to that particular local government.

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4. Place of Primary Assignment (PPA):  This is known as the place or organization where the Corp member has been sent to.

5. Community Development Service (CDS): This is known as a routine weekly activity engaged by corp members to develop the community where they have been sent to.

6. Personal CDS: This usually comes in a project form in which a corp member engages in so as to enhance the community.

7. Seven over seven (7/7): This is usually know as the correct dressing code which includes the cap,crested vest,khaki shirt,belt,khaki trouser,socks and jungle boot.

8. Payment voucher (PV): This is signed every month by all corp members for the payment of the his or her  allowance.

9. Family House: Is a lodge owned by a particular religious body such as NACC, MCAN and NCCF

10. Passing out parade (POP): This is usually done for corp members after the service year.

11. Corp Producing Institute (CPI): It is regarded as an institution where students are to attend basically for service.

12. Orientation Broadcasting Service (OBS): This is one of the groups that exists in the orientation camp that are basically responsible for passing information.

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13. Book of life: This is a big book in the orientation camp where all Corp members are expected to write their details.

14. White fowl or Otondo: This is a camp given names usually during parade or during  Man O’ War drilling.

15. Allawee: This is the monthly allowance that every Corp member is entitled to receive during the service year.

Good Luck