Google Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) – See Details

CS4HS is an initiative sponsored by Google to  promote Computer Science and Computational Thinking in high school and middle school curriculum.

 Eligible Countries: Countries in Africa, US, Canada, Europe and Middle East.

Our purpose: Developing Computer Science educators globally for today’s 21st century students.

About the Award: Computer Science for High School (CS4HS) an annual funding program to improve the computer science (CS) educational ecosystem by providing funding for the continuation of CS teacher professional development worldwide. CS4HS provides funding to computer science education experts for the planning and development of CS teacher professional development. Driven by local needs, CS4HS funding brings educators together for a professional development opportunity with the goals of invigorating them about computer science and computational thinking, while providing tools and networking opportunities to help educators in the CS classroom.

Awards: Institutions may receive support of up to $15,000 each. Additional funding is available for projects with regional reach and the potential to scale nationally. This can be through MOOCs or collaborating with other organisations.


To apply for a CS4HS award you must meet the following requirements:

1. You must have a professional development opportunity must include a plan for year-round communities of practice work that supports ongoing PD and advocacy for Computer Science

2. You must be affiliated with a university, technical college or an official non profit organization.

3. Project must develop high school teachers or student’s understanding of computer science and contain computer science content that will be relevant in the classroom.

4. Your project must be in the form of either a teacher training workshop or teacher and student training workshops, an online course (MOOC) or a teacher resource project.

5. All previous applicants are also welcome to apply, if adding a new dimension to former projects or launching a new computer science project.

Selection Criteria: 

The funding criteria for 2018 are:

  • Educator Audience: Pre-service or in-service teachers who reach students ages 10-18
  • Content: Professional development (PD) content based on the needs of your Educator Audience, mapped to your local/national CS standards (if relevant), and relevant for an in-class implementation of CS (i.e. standalone CS course, or interdisciplinary application of CS).
  • Format and Schedule: PD delivered throughout the 2018-2019 academic year with a format and schedule based in meet the needs of your Educator Audience
  • Support: Community of Practice (COP) that supports ongoing commitment of educators and implementation of CS content in the classroom throughout the 2018-2019 academic year.

Tips for a successful application:

  • Project contains computer science content.
  • Project creates new materials that can be brought directly back to the classroom or used elsewhere by anyone (open source).
  • Project has regional reach with the potential to scale nationally/internationally.
  • There is careful budget consideration and a clear breakdown of how the funding will be used.
  • Project provides a hands-on experience and includes activities for participants that are interactive and allows them to manipulate the subject themselves.
  • There is follow up activity and continued learning for the target audience.
  • How you will develop and/or support a Community of Practice